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Happy New Now!

Happy New Year! And since we’re well past the first day of 2018, Happy New Now! God Is Present and At Work in our lives NOW, which is Good News! So may your entire year be a series of Happy New Nows!

The Legacy

I wish to highlight the life and achievements of the founder of Total Life Christian Center – my dad, Reverend Luther McCurtis for you: 1932 – Born in Stonewall, Mississippi ♦ 1952 – Completed High School G.E.D. ♦ 1954 – Surrendered to God ♦ 1955 – 2010 – 55 years faithfully married to Oracia McCurtis ♦ 1964 – Founded the Ventura Church of God In Christ now Total Life Christian Center ♦ 1968 – Founded Employment Aptitude & Placement Association (Thousands employed through this free job placement center) ♦ 1982 – Received The Volunteer Action Award from President Ronald Reagan (One of only 17 Americans to receive this prestigious award) ♦ 1982 – Received The Bishop J.O. Patterson Award ♦ At 85 (86 on March 7), Dad is still dreaming, leading, mentoring, and making a difference.

The Dream

There are two dreams that are in my father’s heart that dad wishes to fulfill this year: Pay off the church mortgage, which is under $40,000.00 Build the Luther & Oracia Memorial Transitional Life Center I am committed to helping dad fulfil his dream. Would you, as one of his dear friends and/or mine, become a partner with us in this legacy initiative? You can partner with us today by sharing a one-time gift, or by committing to a monthly recurring contribution this year.

Our Gift to You

For your tax deductible gift of $25.00 or more, we will mail you a copy of my father’s latest work: IT’S ABOUT TIME (Revealing the “Secrets” of Success “Hidden” in your “Clock” – a collaborative book project between my dad, yours truly, and Supt. Eneas Francisco of São Paulo, Brazil. The book is an easy read, filled with deep, humorous, and life-transforming insights. Your understanding of and relationship to time will dramatically shift and catapult you towards a more productive and less stressful life.

From the Desk of the Overseer

How We Got Here

In 1962, my wife and I with five little children arrived in Oxnard, California to launch a ministry that would help the total human being. Because my wife was a very talented musician, many people asked us to open a church in Oxnard but we didn’t feel it. We moved on to Ventura and we were told Ventura was not a good place for a Pentecostal preacher. But we saw a need for a church and minister that served outside of the pulpit in Sunday morning services. We moved forward with planting the ministry in Ventura and from that day to this one, I operated in my calling and my passion. My call was ministering the Gospel in a way that extended beyond the four walls of my church into our community. In response to the 19% poverty rate during the 60’s, the late President Lyndon B. Johnson had a noble idea of eradicating poverty through his federal program unofficially named the War Against Poverty. I began working with this program but I didn’t feel that enough of the resources were trickling down to help the poor and those that were unemployed.

What We Do

I was inspired through a newspaper article reporting that families were suffering in the Mississippi Delta because their cotton picking occupation was being taken over by automation. God directed me to begin an operation that would help those people with clothes and food. For one year, I traveled from Ventura to Jackson, Mississippi in and out of the Delta helping those desperate people. As I drove for many hours, I began to pray and ask the Lord what was the real cure for poverty. God Spoke into my mind, “The cure for poverty is a job and a paycheck.” It also came to me that, although what I was doing was needed, food and clothing were only band aids. A job and a paycheck was the cure. With a job, every person, regardless of creed, color or religion could become a part of the American dream and take care of their families without having to depend on the government, handouts or panhandling. As a result, I opened a free job center in 1968 and because of the compassion for humanity God gave me I have served in Ventura County for more than 50 years in spiritual and civic ministries. All of the assistance we have provided in the way of jobs, food, clothing and other kinds of support has been done without the aid of government funds – solely through private contributions.

What’s Next

In 1963 I purchased an old two story building and land, signing the contract with a mere $100. That purchased property is now valued at just shy of 2 million dollars with a little less than $40,000.00 to pay it off. I want to leave a legacy in which (1) Total Life Christian Center can be debt free and continue to provide for its target community with the same intensity, having the same impact we always had and (2) provide a safe haven of refuge for the significant number of homeless people in Ventura County who are in transition. With your help, we can make this dream a reality.

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Save the Date:

Sanctuary Rededication Service

Total Life Christian Center has embarked upon an extreme makeover! Our coming out service is right around the corner. Be looking for special updates as we are nearing the season of completion. Thanks to all who have lended a helping hand during our renovation. And to those who have endured this time with us, we appreciate your patience.

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